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Zodiac Sign Virgo - The small intestine analyzes and sortes

The small intestine is an important organ in the body. If it is intact, it can sort the good into the crop and the bad into the pot. If it is not intact, it can cause allergies and digestive problems. If we cannot sort out what is important from what is not, we are taking on too much and have to make an effort. The handson from this evening will make sorting out effortless again, whether in life or in the intestines. The small intestine functional energy also helps with many ear projects and cold symptoms. Virgo says: "I analyze" and puts earth into the fire.
Freitag, 23. August 2024




JSJ selfhelp

max. participants


30.- CHF


Holzhäusernstrasse 22, 6313 Menzingen, Schweiz

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