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Jin Shin Jyutsu in everyday life, your daily energy boost

Mary Burmeister warmly recommends the spleen, stomach and bladder energy function for general daily energy supply; that is why they are also part of her self-help book. If you use them regularly, you will be much more relaxed in everyday life - you will get the vitality you need as well as good rest and help to switch off. We will look at the specific issues that the currents can help with theoretically. You will then learn how to use the currents directly on yourself - you will be guided step by step. After this day, you will know and be able to perform three of the most important grip sequences of Jin Shin Jyutsu so that you can master your everyday life full of energy.
Samstag, 21. September 2024





max. participants


230.- CHF

Haus Oberwilerkurse

Artherstrasse 112, Oberwil bei Zug, Schweiz

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