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Make environmental influences compatible with the body

The products from i-like help with this. Be it with converters that convert all possible harmful radiation into one that supports us, or with vitamin products that were created as an imperial mixture.

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Holzhäusernstrasse 22
6313 Menzingen
Tel: 077 521 67 77

oder auf meiner i-like Website zum stöbern:

Image by Jan Huber

e-smog correction

Laptop, W-Lan, Wi-Fi, mobile phone: 3G, 4G, 5G, 
We can't switch off all these many radio waves around us, but we can deal with them and, thanks to i-like technology, also change bioresonantly.

beauty from the outside

i-like has developed many beauty products based on bioresonance.

In addition, there are many pieces of jewelery at I-like, which also increase bioresonance through their exposure

Image by National Cancer Institute
Sunset Walk

beauty from within

Would you like to really detoxify or replenish your vitamin stores bioresonant every day?
i-like also has various great products on offer here. Be it to make coffee even better and more digestible, or to complete your kitchen with spices based on TCM

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